August 20, 2013

A planing application has been submitted to turn the commercial space underneath Greenwich Creekside into more flats and the deadline for responses to the council is tomorrow.

The commercial space was designed to enhance the immediate vicinity and create community amenities below the dense housing. So far there is only a gym and a nursery occupying any of the Creekside units, and yet all the housing has sold.

Understandably the developer is keen to offload the units and the ones under one block have been purchased by Criterion Capital. Criterion initially wanted to build a hotel on the site, however now they intend to make use of recent legislation (Class J for you planning geeks ;) ) to bypass a full planning application and convert them from office space to residential.

The current residents are concerned for a number of reasons, the main ones being the loss of potential amenities for Creekside and Creek road, and also the bad track record of Criterion Capital.

The application and plans are here. Comments and objections can be emailed to quoting reference 13/1832/PN.

What do you think, residents of Greenwich? More much-needed housing or detrimental to Creek Road?

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